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Sponsored Search (PPC)

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Pay Per Click Marketing (Sponsored Search)
Pay Per Click or Sponsored Search marketing has been a hot topic for the last several years. With Google, this is where you sign up for a Google AdWords® account, setup a campaign, add the keywords combinations that you want to sponsor or pay for. With Google AdWords you choose how much to bid for each keyword combination, in other words how much you want to pay when someone clicks on your sponsored search listing to visit your website. You can set a short description for each keyword and set a budget allowance if desired.

The actual order that you appear within the sponsored search listings depends on the average number of clicks that you actually get, the overall quality score of your target "landing" page (essentially the keyword relevancy to that chosen landing page and your advert wording) and on the amount you are bidding for each click so it important to choose your target keyword combinations wisely and set them up carefully.

Google has had several well-documented problems with click fraud in hotly contended markets, in other words people fraudulantly racking up click counts for competitive reasons or to increase shared revenue from Google AdSense® (placing of syndicated Google Ads or sponsored results on partner websites for a share of revenue generated) but now have a wide range of anti-fraud measures including the prevention of multiple clicks on the same advertiser from the same source within a certain timeframe. 

A certain segment of the market also avoid clicking on these types of search results but despite these misgivings, we highly recommend that new clients at least try this advertising service to boost initial traffic numbers while they are waiting to get established within the regular search engine results. If you keyword combination is well chosen and "ROI-effective" many clients welcome the opportunity to pay a low as 10 or 20 cents for a qualified lead to their website.

Stand Out Solutions offers several service options for assisting with or managing pay per click campaigns:

  • Assisted Setup - we charge $199 to setup each campaign (including the cost of getting you registered if it‘s the first time). You can then manage the campaign yourself every week or month as necessary through your Google AdWords login. We work with the client to setup the campaign for maximum return on investment.
  • Managed Service - we charge $99 to setup each campaign and $99 per campaign per month to manage and maintain it for best results. We work with the client to setup the campaign for maximum return on investment and give them monthly reports to show progress.

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